Time to Get Back to the Gym

It’s time to get back to the gym. I’m unhappy to admit that feel pretty unfit and I’ve put on a fair bit of weight over the last year or so. This is unusual for me these days as I’ve been a regular gym goer for years and have genuinely enjoyed it. I loved going first thing in the morning and felt that it set me up for the day ahead perfectly.

Before you ask, I should make it clear that I’m not going to divulge my actual weight, before or after the increase. I can though reveal that I have gained around a stone, being 14 pounds, and this is what I aim to shed.

The Excuses

Since we’ve had Rodney the mini schnauzer, my gym routine has wavered, especially since he’s been an adult and able to walk long distances. That, together with the recent cold and dark mornings, has made me reluctant to get up and out at the crack of dawn.

I have been giving myself a hard time about it as I think we all do when we skip the gym. I chastised myself for being lazy although it’s not as if I’ve been lounging around drinking tea, flicking through the papers and painting my nails every morning.

The Truth

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I simply don’t have enough time to walk Rodney for an hour, shower the mud from him and me, get myself ready, make lunch and blow dry him, all before work in the morning. The gym visit is just never going to happen.

I need to go about this a different way; I have to slim down and regain my fitness. Plus my lower back is giving me grief again. I am convinced exercise really helps my back pain. I definitely need to get back to the gym.

Moving Forward

So I’ve found a gym close to my office. My thinking is that I can go to work for a few hours, then head there for a workout, shower, come back and continue. In theory, this sounds ideal.

The Gym 

The gym is located in a local hotel and is pretty small. I am told though that it has everything I need. They also offer Pilates classes which sold it to me really. Plus a lovely pool, Jacuzzi and sauna/steam rooms. Actually, maybe it’s the latter that persuaded me to join. They have an offer on at the moment for no joining fee and no contract and so I have nothing to lose. I’m going to give it a go.


Now that I have a location, I need to think about my goals. The first goal is of course to lose weight, and fast. I am under no illusion that it will drop off and stay off though. I’m aware that this will need to be a steady process.

Secondly, I want to build up my core strength which will help with my back and general posture issues.

Finally, I hope to tone and increase my muscle strength.


My first induction day went well; I did OK I think. My instructor said that I did fine anyway. We did some HIT training on the bike and then some leg work and it felt good.

The next day, however, I certainly suffered from the day before. It was as though someone had taken my legs on a full marathon without me.

Thankfully, we worked on chest, arm and back exercises and left the legs alone.

My instructor says she can see that I still have muscle definition and so should regain fitness fairly quickly. Hopefully, that means I’ll drop the weight also.

I now have a training schedule to follow as I get back to the gym. So far so good; I can’t wait to get started.

Do you fancy following me to see how I get on?

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