Rodney in the Pub

Baby Rodney

First Things First

The day after we brought Rodney home, we took him to our local pub. He wasn’t yet allowed on the ground so he sat in my lap wrapped in his blanket. This experience was important for socialization purposes but also as we spent a fair bit of time in hostelries. He simply had to get used to them as one of the reasons that we chose to have a dog was that we could take him everywhere. Rodney in the pub, of course, attracted lots of attention from fellow regulars.

We only ever went for a couple of early drinks or, perhaps, a sneaky third. We weren’t the sort to stay in the bar until closing time.  It was just something that we liked to do, to relax, I suppose.  We had cats before so couldn’t consider taking them. That is, without looking like a mad cat lady, dragging them along on leads.

The Reality of Rodney in the Pub

We often thought about how it would be to have a dog with us whilst we relaxed and chatted. The reality though was somewhat different. Rodney, in the pub, would not sit obediently under the table as we talked. Rather, he pulled and screamed whenever a dog entered and whined as people passed by. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

Grown-up Rodney

However, as he became older he did start to calm down as long as he could see visitors toing and froing and what was happening around him. That was until he found out where the treat jar behind the bar was.

He soon learned that, if he went to the end of the bar and looked up longingly at those propping it up, he would invariably be given a dog biscuit. Unfortunately the locals, whilst kind, didn’t consider Rodney’s small size. His deposits in the park the following mornings, shall we say, were somewhat different than usual.

But despite his behaviour, we do like to be with Rodney in the pub.

For more of Rodney’s adventures, see my previous and next posts.

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