To Neuter or Not to Neuter – Part 2

Rodney Makes a Run for It – the Frightening Story. 

Rodney ran off today. He came across a Jack Russell called Daisy and they started playing, reluctantly at first on his part. The next thing I knew, they were running off together along the lane, then disappeared from sight.

I wasn’t overly bothered initially as he never goes far and always comes back when I call him. When I came to the end of the lane however and the dogs were nowhere to be seen, I did start to become rather concerned. They may have crossed or followed the road there or they could have run off across the fields before the lane ended. I had no idea where to start looking and Rodney, by now, would surely be scared on his own. I hurried back down the lane, shouting his name frantically.

Around 10 minutes later, I noticed a missed call on my phone which I immediately returned. A man answered and said that he had seen and grabbed Rodney but that another dog had gone for him so he had let go. They, he said, had run off towards the road. I felt sick and, moreover, I couldn’t work out the location that this guy was in so I didn’t really know where to head for.

Panic-stricken, I ended up tearing around the park shouting his name. All sorts of things were going through my mind. It occurred to me that he might head for areas that he knew so tried those without success. I was convinced that he was gone for good.

A Happy Ending

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, the original man called again to say that he could see Rodney. He asked me his name and called him but he kept running further away. He did manage to grab him in the end, much to my relief. When I met them, Rodney was wet, filthy and slimy. God only knows what he’d been up to as he hates water. I vow to keep him away from Daisy the Jack Russell in the future.

Butter wouldn’t melt

It just shows you how things can change so quickly and how reliant I was on someone finding him and calling me as they had covered a couple of miles at least.

The decision that Rodney made to run away from me that day may have cost him dearly. As mentioned in my last post, castration is supposed to stop or at least significantly reduce the desire to wander in many dogs.

Want to see what happens to Rodney next?

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