To Neuter or Not to Neuter – The Deed

The Dreaded Morning

Well, I left Rodney at the vet for his castration this morning at 08:30. He, of course, had no idea what was going on but I was very tearful. I had chatted with another owner in the waiting room until the vet called us in; anything to take my mind off of what was about to happen. As I drove home a few tears trickled down my face. Ridiculous I know. Now it’s just a matter of waiting anxiously for the vet to call after surgery, and once Rodney has woken.

It’s now past 12:30 and I’ve heard nothing. I’m starting to worry. I’m not sure what time he was going into surgery but he must have been in by now I would think. Hang on, the vet is calling…………..

I’ve spoken to the veterinary nurse and they want me to collect Rodney early as he won’t settle. The surgery went well and he’s fine but doesn’t like being confined in their kennel. He keeps crying and is getting himself in a bit of a state, bless him. Thank goodness it’s done though. I’m off to pick him up and will continue this later.

Later That Day

It’s later and Rodney has settled after his castration but he looks really sorry for himself. When he saw me at the vet, he screamed his head off with relief. When I got him home, he wouldn’t lay down. Rather, he insisted on sitting upright, swaying as he nodded off.

Instead of the cone of shame, I bought him some boy’s boxer shorts and cut a hole in them for his tail. I could only get Star Wars ones and I know that I shouldn’t say this but he looks so cute. He does keep crying though, the poor little fella.


Two Days after surgery and Rodney is getting back to his old self. He has to stay on his lead for walks, which must be short, for 10 days apparently. We’ve also got to stop him jumping on and off of the furniture and from using the stairs during this time. It’s going to be a long 10 days.

We’re now 5 days in and Rodney is pretty much back to normal, although not as playful. I guess though that we’ve not been encouraging him to play to avoid any disruption to his wound. Roll on day 10.

Day 8 and we’ve been to the vet this morning for a final check after his castration. Rodney is doing superbly and, as his wound has healed so well, he’s allowed to discard his pants. It’s a shame, I’ve grown rather fond of them. He is now as lively as ever and wanting to play. On day 10, in 2 days time, he’ll able to go off lead as long as we take it slowly. Thank goodness for that, my arms cannot take much more pulling.

It’s done.


Rodney resting in his Star Wars pants

For more of Rodney’s adventures, follow my blog posts.


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