Dog Friendly Dorset – A Day in West Bay

Continuing on with my thoughts on dog friendly Dorset and our day in West Bay, the Harbour Town for Bridport.

Getting to West Bay

Eype, where we were based, is located on the Jurassic coast, just along from West Bay. West Bay is probably best known for being the setting for the popular drama Broadchurch. You can walk to West Bay from Eype along the clifftop coastal path in around 25 minutes and, despite being high, it’s not scary. Trust me, heights terrify me and I was okay. It’s actually a nice easy stroll, nothing too taxing. It is possible to walk along the beach at low tide but we didn’t try.

Food and Drink

Day in West Bay
West Cliff, West Bay

You can, of course, reward yourself with refreshments once in West Bay. There, they have a good array of cafes, pubs and even sweet little shacks offering tempting fare of all sorts.

Lunch at Rachel's, West Bay
Rachels. Wow.

We chose one of the shacks overlooking the harbour named Rachel’s, which has superb reviews on TripAdvisor. Rated number 1 of all restaurants out of 115 in the Bridport area and of 16 in West Bay at the time of writing. Impressive by anyone’s standards so we had to give it a try. We had a delicious fish stew and smoked mackerel chowder in a lovely setting. All of this washed down with a refreshing white wine. Dog friendly of course and great value for money too.

Money Advice

One point to note and most annoying to us is that there are only 2 cashpoints in West Bay. Both of these charge a whopping £1.80 per transaction for the pleasure of withdrawing cash. As many of the shacks don’t take cards, it is definitely worth getting enough cash for the day in advance. Unfortunately, we hadn’t.

The Beaches

Most of the beaches at West Bay don’t allow dogs during the summer months which is a shame. There is though one small stretch of sand and shingle beach on the Eype side which dogs are allowed to use. Naturally, it was busy with dogs playing and dashing around. Rodney even got his feet wet in the surf which is a first. He did enjoy himself.

Smiley Boy
Happy Rodney

Time to Go Home

When it was time to return home to Eype, we headed back over the coastal path. What a fabulous view of Eype, you can just about make out our caravan park to the right of the picture.

Stunning View of Eype from West Bay
Eype from West Bay

What a great day that was. Join me again to find out what we did next in dog friendly Dorset after our day in West Bay.

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