5 Essential Items to Take When Walking the Dog

Sunny Winter Scene
Frosty Morning

There’s nothing like walking the dog early in the morning. Sunny summer mornings are obviously the most appealing but taking a stroll during the bright, crisp early light is also lovely. Especially so when there has been a frost.

Even the rain doesn’t put a dampener on these outings. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I have to admit though that I can’t abide drizzle. I want rain or nothing, not something feeble in between.

But it’s a must that you have everything that you might need to fully enjoy a pleasurable roam.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll go through a checklist in your head just before dashing out of the door.

Rodney Posing
Come on

This is mine:

Poo bags

More than you’ll ever need. It’s not good to find that you’ve run out when your pooch needs to go one more time. Leaves do not work. Trust me – never again.


Of the canine variety, again the more the merrier. To keep his highness happy and, most importantly, under control.

A Mobile Phone

Just in case. If you take it, the chances are that you won’t need it.


These are for me, to keep myself refreshed. It’s not all about the dog.

The Dog

Or you will be just walking.

These are my necessities, what are yours?

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