The Day That We First Took Rodney to the Beach

Woohoo, this is fun

I’ll never forget the day that we first took Rodney to the beach. He absolutely loved it. We were on holiday in Devon and we took him to Putsborough Sands, a beach that we knew well.

Initially, he was confused by the feeling of sand under his paws but he got used to it in no time. Soon he was racing around like a mad dog saying hello to every person and animal that passed us, no matter how far away they were.

Putsborough is a beautiful beach with a backdrop of high sand dunes which Rodney ascended like a mountain pup. We screamed at him to come down fearing that he may be afraid. He had climbed a fair way. He though thought nothing of it and happily trotted back to us.

Rodney wasn’t keen on getting his paws wet in the sea. This is unsurprising given that he opts to walk around puddles and avoids wet mud. Instead, he crept to the waters’ edge and dashed away as the tide turned towards him.

This is my hoop

What he did like was running to fetch his hoop followed by a game of tug. He’s not one for playing fetch and so this was surprising. He usually looks over at the thrown item and looks back to me thinking, “Why did you throw it if you want it” or “you threw it, you get it.”

We discovered on that day that Rodney longs to be a beach dog. He loved the freedom of being able to run freely without us calling him back every five seconds. For us, it was ideal as we could let him roam without worry.

Putsborough is a vast expanse of sand, close to Croyde Bay and leading into the popular tourist resort of Woolacombe. The beautiful golden sand is surrounded by sparkling blue sea and dunes. It is a surfer and beach lovers’ paradise.

Local accommodation and amenities are limited and so the beach, whilst busy in high season, remains idyllic year round. Part of the beach restricts dogs between April and November.

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